Terms & Conditions

Due to the nature of our business, if required, we have the right to substitute a flower for an alternative flower that is as close to the chosen flower as possible, of the same costing or more in order to complete your order – alternatives will never be of a cheaper value.

Any special requests for flowers/colours should be including in the “Order Notes” found on the check out page. We will do our up most to adhere to all requests but can not guarantee it.

Payment must be received in advance of receiving a product.

If you receive an item you are not happy with please contact us within 48 hours and we will replace or provide a full refund. Your satisfaction is of the up most importance to us.

As we are a VAT Registered company – all prices displayed on our site include VAT.


Balloon Hazard Warning

Young children can choke or be suffocated by an uninflated balloon or piece of broken balloon. Balloons are not recommended for children 3 years & under.

Adults must supervise children at all times & discard any broken balloons immediately.

Never under an circumstances inhale or allow anyone to inhale helium. Helium is an asphyxiant & can kill.

Inflated balloons, broken or uninflated balloons can be dangerous to pets.

Balloons/balloon displays may come with ribbons, monofilament line, feathers, confetti, tulle & other decorative ailments that can be dangerous for young children and animals including choking and suffocation. Please never leave young children unattended with balloons.

Did you know? Or good to know

We use balloon gas not “pure helium”. 75% of all helium arriving in the UK goes first to the NHS for use in cooling their machines. BOC found when collecting the waste product from this back that it still has lift ability & produced from it the gas we use for balloons – balloon gas.

Latex Balloons

Latex is made from the natural sap from a living rubber tree growing in the rainforests, further processes are then made including the adding of dyes & water. Our latex balloons are fully bio- degradable. Evidence has shown they biodegrade at the same rate as a “Oak Leaf” if left out in the open.

Theses balloons are made from a natural runner ~ Latex. Which can cause an allergic reaction. Please seek medical advise if you have had a reaction immediately.

Foil Balloons

We follow the California Law. All our foil balloons are filled with balloon gas & are tied to a weight to stop it being released. Please do not release any balloons, especially foil balloons, as the balloon can conduct electricity with some overhead power lines & it will also affect radar.

Floating Time

Changes in temperatire can affect your balloon/balloons immensely. Please leave your balloons in a room that is not too warm or cold. If you are ordering balloons for out doors please insure you do let us know, so we can provide you with the appropriate balloons & equipment for outdoors.

Balloons filled with air do not float.

All our air filled balloons/displays and our helium bubble/ Deco balloons are all made 24 hours prior . This is to ensure that we have fully tested that they have no slow punctures/defects. Therefore once these balloons have left us we will not take responsibility and no refund can be given on these balloons.

Please be aware that floating times vary greatly between balloons, we are more than happy to advise. Please do contact us with your questions or if you are unsure which balloons you need for your occasion.