About Us

Family is the key word that defines us here at Enchanted Rose Florist. Our team is made up of a mum and her two daughters whose love and support for each other is mirrored in the services we provide to our customers. We are a local florist who have constant 5* reviews. We are extremely proud of being voted as the best 3 top florists in the Alfreton & Derbyshire areas. We are also very proud of holding multi award winning awards for our floral work.

Lisa – Lisa is the owner of Enchanted Rose, she is a qualified and experienced florist with over 16 years of working in the industry.

My name is Lisa and I am the owner of Enchanted Rose Florist. Ever since I was little the only thing that interested me was being creative. Whether it was painting, drawing, colouring or making something I had seen on Art Attack!
I remember entering a picture competition in primary school and the entries were all hung up in Derby Eagle Centre Market for voting. I remember painting a snowy victorian picture and being so disappointed I hadn’t been placed, but then being told a local artist wanted to purchase my painting and asked me to sign it! There was no feeling like it!

I knew my career had to be creative – whilst studying floristry at college I also worked part-time at a local florist. So I’m not afraid of hard work! Floristry never feels like work to me, it feels more like a very enjoyable hobby and I find it so exciting and I`m always looking for new ideas.

I have worked at a few florists in and around Derby since I qualified at 18. One particular shop I worked at for just short of 7 years before making the decision to start a family and having my baby boy! He’s one now so I have decided now is the time for me to follow my dream and join up with my mum and sister to create Enchanted Rose and show the world what we are about!

I couldn’t wish for a better team to be in business with and luckily for me they are also my family and best friends! As a single mum I dont know what I’d have done without my family so I know the importance of family and thats why we understand our customers needs when it comes to showing love to your family and friends. Whether its a thank you gift, mothers day, just because or another special occasion……we do it with love!

So from my family to yours…

Welcome to Enchanted Rose X

Shirley – Shirley is an assistant florist here at Enchanted Rose and also a director of the business.

Hi I’m Shirley, Mum!

I have three beautiful girls and two of them had decided to go into business with me. The third now dips in and out when we need that extra pair of skilled hands. I am going to tell you my story of how Enchanted Rose began –

Really it all started with a serious conversation with my daughter Lisa, the Chief Director of Enchanted Rose. We were talking about where life takes us and she was talking about her passion for floristry, how floristry made her come to life with excitement, giving her the chance to use her creativity, how she loved to push her imagination through the vision of other peoples lives and how she brought that to life through her creations. We discussed how she never thought she would end up as a single parent with such a young baby and what the future would hold for her and her little one now.

She absolutely loves being a mum but felt she had lost a little bit of herself – Lisa the designer, the creator, the florist! Can you be a single mum and still follow your passion and dreams? Then suddenly the penny dropped as they would say….I told her to stop wishing and just do it! This had always been her dream and I told her to put her devotion, ambition and skills together and get out there and show the world what she could do.

When we told her sister Melissa that Lisa was finally taking the leap to start her own business – she was thrilled to bits and wanted to to be part of it. Therefore with Melissa’s business expertise and drive – We are proud to launch Enchanted Rose.

Me, Well in my girls eyes I am still just mum! However I am also me, Shirley, a qualified nurse having worked within the NHS for 16 years. Yes this is a bit different to floristry but I am motivated, determined and always strive to be the best. I have a passion for caring and providing the best customer service and professionalism to everyone I meet. Along the way I have also supported my husband in his small business for over 25 years now. I will be helping out at Enchanted Rose part-time and I can not wait for you to see what we are all about X

Kelly-Marie-an assistant florist at Enchanted Rose Florist

Hi I’m the youngest of my siblings, usually referred as kel or kels!

When Lisa and Mum told me about starting this business I said I think it’s a terrific idea ‘for you guys’ but please don’t rope me into it. I want an easy life not working 24/7, early mornings, late evenings, weekends, working through the night on busy times.

Within weeks I handed in my notice at my then present job. I couldn’t help myself. Yes I’m doing all the things I said I didn’t want to do but it’s worth the sacrifice and I can truly say I love my job! I love meeting different people from all walks of life. Helping customers when they are going through some terrible sad times. The excitement of planning & prepping for big events Wedding fairs, Christmas, Mother’s Day to name a few and best of all I’m working with my besties my family.

Melissa – Melissa is an assistant florist here at Enchanted Rose.

Hi I`m Melissa, usually referred to as Mel!

I make up one third of the team here at Enchanted Rose Florist. I cant tell you how happy
I am that Lisa has decided to take the leap into the world of business after years of nagging her! Lisa has always been creative but I truly believe there is something special in her floral creations. I have always recommended her to extended family and friends and they have never been disappointed.

I will be working part time here at Enchanted Rose and mainly responsible for the administration and marketing side of the business. I have always been a driven, hardworking and determined individual and this helped me map out a career in business since I was 18 years old and I have been lucky enough to support the brand development of other small businesses over the last 2 years however I feel now I have my daughter and a little one on the way – I am more focused and determined than ever.

When Lisa and mum told me their plans to launch a business – I knew I had to be involved and this really is a family putting their heart and soul into every item we make and we are proud to show you what Enchanted Rose Florist has to offer X