Dried Floral Arrangements

Dried flowers have become increasingly popular with our customers this year. We stock everything from single stems of Pampas Grass & Bunny Tails to Dried Peonies & Roses. With a large “Pick n Mix” selection in our Alfreton shop- you can select your dried flowers individually or purchase one of our ready made arrangements. Our customers love these as they are more sustainable lasting longer than fresh flowers.

The unique rustic look of dried flowers are perfect for any occasion from weddings to gifts for your friends & family. We also hire wedding /party equipment – wedding arches, floral arrangement stands, that will complement your dried flowers for your special occasion.

Whilst each flower life duration varies depending on the flower. If handled with care & kept away from direct sunlight they can last between 1-3 years If not longer. This means your flower bouquet can be a beautiful keepsake for many years to come.

They are great at creating a statement/focal point within your home or any business. As you can see from some of our photos below. They can be mixed with preserved, fresh flowers or even artificial flowers to create any design using a mixture of colours & textures to suit your vision.

With our endless choice of dried flowers they have become very popular with our Enchanted Rose Florist bridal couple’s. Do you love a mix of foliage & Pampas? want help to create that rustic look. Are you looking for an experienced qualified florist then please come and speak to us at Enchanted Rose Florist.

Below is a sample collection of some floral arrangements we have created for some of our lovely customers.Please do contact us to find out more & for a free no obligation quote. We would love to work with you to create your vision!

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