Eco-Friendly Flowers

Enchanted Rose is an Eco-Friendly florist in Alfreton & Derby whether you are you looking for a Eco-Friendly flower bouquet to delight your friends or family. Maybe you’re looking for a Eco-Friendly wedding specialist or a Eco-friendly funeral arrangement for your loved one. We are experienced in supplying all aspects of Eco-Friendly, sustainable funeral arrangements that are required for green burial grounds in Derby, Alfreton and Derbyshire.

We are very excited to offer our new eco friendly range. We have worked extremely hard in creating floral arrangements that are eco-friendly. This has included us doing some additional training and research as we wanted to do this right. We wanted to gain the correct knowledge and understanding on how best we could still create stunning flower arrangements but instead of using floral foam and single use plastics we wanted to find better Eco-Friendly alternatives. 

We are in the early stages of trying out new ways of using alternatives and at this stage we will be offering this as an additional service and hopefully we can increase our range. We know many of our customers are very conscious on doing right towards the environment and we wanted to see if we too could try and make a difference too and like the sayings go “it’s never to late to start” and “a little goes a long way” 

So if you feel strong about helping the environment then please feel free to contact us and we will be delighted in helping you pick you eco-friendly floral arrangements. 

Little insight of what we already do-

We support our local school by giving them our cardboard rolls/ packaging/ florist wrap off-cuts. The children then re-use them to make their own crafts with. Any flowers that haven’t made it in our arrangements are given to the school for the children to learn about them whilst using in their mud kitchen.

We recycle, recycle and recycle all our large flower boxes by returning them back to the wholesalers so they can reuse and vice-Versa.

Any other waste we can not make use off goes in the correct recycling bins. 

Some of our customers bring their own flower vase or suitable container to hold flowers/plants in and we are always more than happy to create a beautiful Eco-Friendly arrangement for them.

If you are looking for an experienced qualified florist come and have a chat with us at Enchanted Rose ~ A Florist with Family at its Heart.