Dried Flowers

Dried Flowers are becoming increasingly popular for all occasions. Their rustic appearance, them lasting between 1-3 years & them being very low maintenance……You can absolutely see why they are so popular!

If you are unable to find what you ware looking for please do give us a call or contact us to arrange a bespoke order.

Tips to keep your Dried Flowers looking amazing –

Do not place in direct sunlight.
Do not water them – never allow them to get wet!
Keep in a cool/dry area – moisture can cause them to go mouldy
Be gentle – these flowers are very delicate & need to be handled with care.
Place in an area out of reach of little ones/pets – to avoid them being knocked.
Don’t worry if you lose any petals/leaves. Save them up & use  to create a little pot of popery – by adding a drop of essential oil to them.
Remember to fluff them out every so often, in particular Pampas Grass. A spritz of hairspray can also help you to not lose too many fibres from your Pampas.